How much do you know about medical equipment management

How much do you know about medical equipment management

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How much do you know about medical equipment management

(Summary description)How to purchase medical equipment correctly, ensure its normal operation, reduce the number of failures, extend its service life, and achieve the greatest social and economic benefits are the main tasks of medical equipment management.

  • Time of issue:2021-08-13 13:57
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How to purchase medical equipment correctly, ensure its normal operation, reduce the number of failures, extend its service life, and achieve the greatest social and economic benefits are the main tasks of medical equipment management. Then the editor of Hubei Quanlin Medical will briefly introduce you to the management of medical equipment.

  1. Purchase demonstration
  The purchase demonstration of medical equipment is the primary task of medical equipment purchase. The normal use of equipment ranging from tens of thousands to millions or more will have a great impact on the economy and development of the hospital. The main reason for the low utilization rate of many medical equipment, or even idleness, is the lack of argumentation, carelessness, and unscientific reason when purchasing them. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the scientific demonstration of equipment purchase and purchase equipment with good performance and quality that meets the requirements of use.
  The content of the medical equipment purchase argumentation includes:
  (1) Determine functional standards. Determine the functions and standards of the purchased equipment according to the requirements of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and specialty development, so that the purchased equipment can meet the requirements for use and can be fully utilized.
  (B) Selection. There are many devices with similar functions on the market, such as monitors, ventilators, DRs, etc., imported and domestically produced, with a dazzling array of options. Therefore, we must first collect the equipment brands, models, and prices that meet the requirements of use, compare the advantages and disadvantages, and weigh the performance, quality and price according to the economic conditions of the hospital, and select the most cost-effective equipment suitable for the hospital. For instruments and equipment that directly affect the safety of patients, such as ventilators for critically ill patients and anesthesia machines for operating rooms, high-quality products should be used as much as possible.
  (3) Investigation. The inspection of the selected equipment is the focus of the argument. It is necessary to examine whether the equipment technology is mature, whether it will be eliminated or changed, examine the supply and price of consumable materials, spare parts, examine whether the equipment has complete technical and maintenance data, and examine the popularity of the equipment in the market. And the usage in other hospitals, etc. If more hospitals approve the use, it indicates that the product has better performance and quality. On the contrary, if the usage is very small, there may be problems with performance and quality, which should be paid attention to and considered carefully. For imported equipment with low usage, there is a high possibility that the manufacturer and its repair station will not be found in the future, and there will be nowhere to seek help for repairs, and it is very easy to make the equipment irreparable and scrapped. For products from manufacturers with large-scale domestic equipment and good reputation, the maintenance is relatively in place. If the performance and quality meet the requirements, priority can be given to purchase. During the inspection, collect as much information about related equipment as possible, and be truthful and reliable.
  (4) Forecast of investment benefits. The payback period of investment can be calculated as follows: payback period = total equipment investment/(total annual business income-total annual business costs). The total equipment investment refers to the entire cost of the equipment from the purchase to the installation and use of the equipment, including the original value of the equipment, transportation and miscellaneous expenses, installation fees, ancillary equipment fees, and so on. The total annual business income total number of annual inspections and the charging standard per person. Total annual business cost Consumables?? Labor?? Electricity fees?? Maintenance fees and so on. Example: A total investment of 400,000 yuan is used to purchase a piece of equipment, which can be used for 6 years, and the expected payback period is 3 years. It is estimated that the annual inspection is 5,000 people, the average fee is 40 yuan per person, and the total annual business cost needs 40,000 yuan. =400000/(5000-40-40000)=2.5 (years), the investment payback period is less than the expected payback period, which is economically feasible.
  2. File management
  File management refers to the file management of maintenance data, which is an important link in the management of medical equipment. Maintenance data is an important data that is indispensable in maintenance work and often needs to be consulted. It is critical to whether the fault can be quickly eliminated and whether the equipment can be repaired. To give full play to the functional role of maintenance data and make the equipment operate normally, the following points must be done:
  (1) Establish a complete file management system, set up a dedicated person to be responsible for collecting and sorting data in a timely manner.
  (2) Filing of equipment data is one of the key points in file management. For the purchased medical equipment, the data must be filed in time, including the order contract, instruction manual, technical manual, maintenance manual, maintenance contact number, etc. All information is kept properly and cannot be lost.
  (3) The maintenance and repair reports filled out by the maintenance personnel should also be sorted and filed in a timely manner, and stored in a standardized manner for future reference and data statistics.
  (4) Applying information management, establishing an equipment maintenance database system, and inputting relevant maintenance information into the management system, which is convenient for query and statistics, and has high work efficiency.
  3. Maintenance
  (1) Maintenance    The maintenance of
  medical equipment is a kind of pre-prevention, and prevention is first, prevention is more important than cure. Only good maintenance can prevent or delay the occurrence of equipment failures, increase the utilization rate of the equipment, and maximize the function of the equipment. ① The maintenance work must be institutionalized, and a scientific, reasonable, simple and practical equipment maintenance system must be established and strictly supervised.
  ② Pre-job training. Equipment users and maintenance personnel must be familiar with the basic principles and operations of the equipment in order to perform correct maintenance on the equipment. After the purchase, installation and acceptance of each equipment, the relevant medical, nursing, technical, equipment management and maintenance personnel must participate in the training. The training content is theoretical and practical, so that the relevant personnel can understand the basic working principle of the equipment, be familiar with the operation, and be familiar with the maintenance. .
  ③Daily maintenance. Mainly by the user, the content includes: correct use of equipment, dust-proof and dust-proof, moisture-proof protection, etc.
  ④ Regular maintenance. Equipment maintenance personnel regularly inspect and maintain the accuracy, performance, and safety of the equipment. The main tasks include: checking the safety, reliability, correctness and accuracy of parameters, power and grounding conditions, ambient temperature and humidity conditions of the test equipment, replacing vulnerable parts, cleaning the inside of the instrument, etc.
  ⑤Maintenance personnel should often go to the use department to understand the use of equipment and daily maintenance, and deal with and solve problems in time to ensure normal use.
  (2) Maintenance
  Good maintenance can reduce the occurrence of failures, but can not prevent failures, so maintenance is unavoidable. How to repair equipment in time, reduce maintenance costs, and save expenses is an important task of equipment management.
  ① Strengthen the construction of maintenance team. According to the scientific and technological content of the equipment in use, build a contingent of competent and capable maintenance personnel. The maintenance personnel must have a good sense of responsibility and professionalism, and have a good English foundation, theoretical knowledge and practical ability. ②The hospital should provide necessary re-education and training to maintenance personnel so that their knowledge can be supplemented and updated to meet the development needs of medical equipment.
  ③ Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel. It is necessary to establish an effective assessment system to conduct medical ethics and maintenance skills assessments for all maintenance personnel. The main basis for the assessment comes from the maintenance report. The contents of the maintenance report should include: equipment name, model specifications, maintenance content, cost, repair time, opinions of the user department, maintenance personnel, etc. Regularly summarize the maintenance report, that is, can calculate the workload of each maintenance personnel and the maintenance technical level, which is a very practical and effective method. On the basis of the assessment system, an incentive mechanism was established to link the workload and maintenance technical level with the employment of positions, appointment of professional titles, advanced appraisal, and distribution of bonuses according to work, with remarkable results. Only when labor has economic returns and work has value, can we give full play to the role of human resources.
  ④Strengthen the maintenance contact outside the hospital. Keep in touch with the manufacturer and the special maintenance station. When the maintenance personnel of our hospital cannot solve the problem, they should call for consultation, advice or repair. This should be proactively contacted regularly to prevent losing contact due to the other party’s relocation, telephone number change, etc. Strengthen ties with brother hospitals, learn from each other, and exchange experiences. Strengthen ties with medical equipment maintenance companies. They have rich experience in maintenance. They may be able to solve problems that the original manufacturer cannot solve, and the cost is often much lower.
  ⑤For large-scale equipment such as CT and MR, due to the monopoly of technology and spare parts by the manufacturer, it is difficult for hospital maintenance personnel to carry out in-depth maintenance. Therefore, after the warranty period, the use of the equipment, production efficiency, maintenance difficulty and maintenance costs shall be carried out. Comprehensive assessment, if necessary, you can sign a maintenance and repair contract with the company, and the company is responsible for the maintenance and repair, so as to facilitate the rapid repair of the equipment, save costs, and reduce losses.

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How much do you know about medical equipment management
How much do you know about medical equipment management
How to purchase medical equipment correctly, ensure its normal operation, reduce the number of failures, extend its service life, and achieve the greatest social and economic benefits are the main tasks of medical equipment management.
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